The Management Team

Jed M. Cohen

A seasoned professional investment manager with over 50 years of experience, Mr. Cohen is currently the Senior Managing Director of The Investment House, LLC. Mr. Cohen has also served as Co-Portfolio Manager of The Investment House Growth Fund since its inception. Prior to the formation of The Investment House, LLC, Mr. Cohen served on the Investment Policy Committee for First Western Investment Management and was responsible for research and equity management for the firm.

Previously, Mr. Cohen had formed GKM Advisers, an investment advisory, in January 2000 and served as the Chief Investment Strategist. Prior experience includes 5 years Senior Managing Director at Gerard Klauer Mattison & Co., 10 years as a Senior Managing Director at Gruntal & Co., 14 years as a Limited Partner at Bear, Stearns & Co., and 9 years as a General Partner at Kleiner, Bell & Co. In the mid-1960’s, Cohen was associated with members of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors.

Timothy J. Wahl

Mr. Wahl currently serves as President of the Investment House LLC and also serves as Trustee and President of The Investment House Funds, which launched The Investment House Growth Fund in December of 2001. Mr. Wahl has served as Trustee, President and Co-Portfolio Manager of the Investment House Growth Fund since its inception. Mr. Wahl’s primary responsibilities include research and equity management.

Prior to the formation of The Investment House, LLC, Mr. Wahl served as a Managing Director and sat on the Investment Policy Committee for First Western Investment Management. Mr. Wahl was primarily involved in equity research and equity management and also served as manager of the Westwood office. Previously, Mr. Wahl formed GKM Advisers in January of 2000. Mr. Wahl has spent the last 20 years in the capital markets arena.

Prior to GKM Advisers, he operated his own investment advisory firm, which subsequently served as the business model for GKM Advisers. Mr. Wahl worked as a NASDAQ market maker in the early 1990’s with Gruntal Securities in Los Angeles and Cruttenden Roth in Irvine, CA. He earned his CPA credential while working for Deloitte and Touche, auditing money management firms and professional sports franchises. Mr. Wahl played professional baseball for the Milwaukee Brewers while completing his college education at California State University at Dominguez Hills, Oklahoma City University and San Diego State University with a BS in Accounting.

Peter Gardiner

Mr Gardiner serves as Managing Director of The Investment House LLC, and, together with Mr. Wahl and Mr Cohen, on The Investment House’s Investment Policy Committee. He also serves as Portfolio Manager for The Investment House’s Stay Rich, Sleep Well® multi-asset portfolio.

Prior to The Investment House, Mr. Gardiner served as Chief Investment Officer of Blizzard Management LLC, a $1 Billion, multi-asset family office. During his 28 year investment management history, Mr. Gardiner has held positions as General Partner of Marathon Capital Partners, a value equity and special situations investment partnership; as General Partner of Eastman Research, a quantitative – based equity futures and options trading partnership; and as an independent proprietary trader in multiple asset classes. Prior to that, in the mid to late 80s, he served as Sr. Vice President and head of trading for Drexel Burnham Lambert’s convertible bond department, having started at Cresvale International in 1984 trading Euro-convertible securities. He holds a B.A. from Colgate University and an M.A. from Columbia University.

David L. Kahn, CFP®

David Kahn is responsible for compliance, client service, and operations for the firm. Prior to joining The Investment House in 2012, he was Director of Compliance and Operations at First Western Capital Management and Senior Vice President, Compliance and Operations at First Western Investment Management beginning May 2009. Previously, Mr. Kahn was Chief Compliance Officer at GKM Advisers. Mr. Kahn earned an MBA from the University of California at Irvine and completed the Personal Financial Planning Certificate Program at UCLA Extension. He holds the Certified Financial Planner® designation.

Wayne S. Woodman

Mr. Woodman serves as Senior Vice-President and is responsible for providing investment advice to high net worth individuals, families and foundations. He oversees more than 50 investor relationships holding an aggregate $175 million in assets.

Mr. Woodman began his investment career in 1982. He joined our team in 2002 from Tower Asset Management, an affiliate of M.L. Stern & Co. LLC, where he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for over ten years.

Outside of The Investment House Mr. Woodman serves as a national Vice President of AABGU, the American fundraising arm of Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He also is a member of the Board of Governors of Ben Gurion University.  Previously, Mr. Woodman has served as a board member of the Los Angeles Business Council and The Jewish Community Center of Allentown.  Woodman also serves as a member of the Advisory Board of Silberline Mfg., a privately held manufacturer.

Mr. Woodman attended The Sanford Institute of Public Policy at Duke University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy Studies with a specialty in finance.