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Our Strategies

Capital Growth


 The Investment House Capital Growth Strategy – available either as a separate managed account or as an open-end mutual fund – is an investment approach designed to achieve long-term capital growth by identifying key long wave growth in the world economy, and finding the very best positioned, managed, and capitalized corporate entities driving them.  The strategy employs longer holding periods in an effort to compound capital invested, minimize transaction costs and maximize tax efficiency. 

Stay Rich, Sleep Well (SRSW)


The Investment House Stay Rich, Sleep Well (SRSW) Portfolio® is a managed portfolio comprised of exchange traded funds, closed-end funds, money market funds and the occasional open-end fund. Selecting from all asset classes, the portfolio is designed with the goal of low volatility capital appreciation with an annual return target of 4 to 7% and a maximum annual drawdown target of less than 12%.  

Special Situations


 The Special Situations-Concentrated Equity Strategy is an aggressive, short term strategy, investing primarily in equities and equity options.  The strategy is designed to take advantage of opportunities which may develop because of temporary market dislocations, corporate events, anomalous securities pricing and other market or corporate events which we judge to present potentially favorable risk reward opportunities. The strategy is offered in three variations: Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive.