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The Company


We manage our client’s portfolios from the prospective of business owners, not of quarterly earnings gamers; not of market timers; not of me-too, fashion-of-the-day, crowd-followers. We believe investment is an integrated process of deep thinking, data analysis, economic and societal forecasting, and thorough business evaluation. Very often, it starts with an idea. A bit of news or data. An unseen, or underappreciated event. An observation culled from the torrent of research. These things start our process, and once begun, engage the full panoply of investment skills and experiences we have acquired over many years. Sometimes it is the macro economic which is the key driver; other times it might be industry position; a new product innovation; a new service application; a re-engineered management team or capital structure – or a nearly infinite combination of any one of these, and other, key business developments. Whatever the case – at The Investment House, investing is not a cookie-cutter process, reduced to a mathematical recipe in which the same inputs are thrown into the batter in the same proportion for every situation, and then just heated and repeated; on the contrary, we look for opportunities which are fundamentally unique – growing, long-lasting, well managed, high return businesses at attractive prices. And since such opportunities are by definition rare, we evaluate them accordingly, in all their particularity.We like to think we consider our clients in the same way – as individuals, with particular needs we hope to address in a custom-tailored way. Join us at The Investment House, and see how real, quality businesses grow your capital.

The Investment House, LLC is an independent, fee-based registered investment advisor providing investment management services to institutions, family offices, and high net worth individuals.

The Investment House is also the investment advisor for the long term growth mutual fund,  The Investment House Growth Fund (TIHGX), over the last thirteen years.